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seks-hapcheta-za-majeAfter years of tests and experiments, scientists have created Vita Gra – a 100% natural, plant-based product. This special formula treats erectile dysfunction, impotence and low erection, without having any side effects for the human body.

How does Vita Gra work

Before you learn how VITA GRA works and what is it’s mechanism of action, let’s find out how does the erection occur.

Penile erection is very important for men’s sexual health. It happens when the arteries relax and open up to let more blood to flow into the penis, which makes it larger and bigger. Erection can happen when a man is asleep or awake.

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Penile erection is very important for the sexual relationship between two people. To be able to penetrate the vagina, the penis has to be in erection. Only then the woman will be completely satisfied. Generally, when the arteries and the nerves are functioning normally, penile erection is easily achieved after a proper stimulation.

Penile erection is the result of sexual stimulation. But it is not the same for all men. In some cases, men are not able to get an erection even after they are stimulated by their partners. That’s where Vita Gra comes in. These amazing pills stimulate erection and other sexual processes in the human body.

As we explained earlier, penile erection is the result of a bigger blood flow into the penis. When using Vita Gra, you will still need to be sexually stimulated in order to have an erection. Vita Gra is not a hormone based product – it is an all-natural formula that gives you strong erections!

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Opinions about Vita Gra:

When the soul wants, but the body cant do it- you have to help it a bit!

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Natural ingredients:

Epimedium sagittatum

A picture of Epimedium sagittatum leaf – a strong aphrodisiac used for thousands of years.

An ancient aphrodisiac that naturally increases sexual drive and desire. Boosts your libido and heals erectile dysfunction.


A picture of Licorice root – a plant that is very suitable for women with low sex drive.

It contributes to the accelerated synthesis of growth hormone and other hormones. This product is clinically proven to improve the erections.


A picture of Ginseng’s root and flower. This plant has a natural effect on libido and sex drive.

Used since ancient times, this plant naturally boosts the libido and increases sex drive.

Hawthorn extract

A picture of a flower, which is very suitable for women with low sex drive and depression problems.

The Hawthorn extract strengthens the cardiovascular contractions and stimulates the blood flow in the body, including the penis.


A picture of a flash, symbolizing the energy which L-Carnitine gives your body when consumed. .

L-Carnitine is an amino acid that our body creates from the amino acid Lysine, which increases the amount of sperm.


A picture of a Niacin molecule, which increases the blood flow into the penis and stimulates the sex drive.

Improves blood circulation and stimulates sensitivity in the genital area. It is one of the best vitamins for strong and long-lasting erections.

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Penis Anatomy

A picture which shows the anatomy of a penis and how it is stimulated by the male enhancement pills Vita Gra.

For a lot of men it is hard to talk about their sexual problems. This is a sensitive subject, which is very intimate for men. It is important to remember, that the penis is just a part of the male body which has its essential functions and that is exactly the way we should treat it.

In fact, the penis has two main functions:

  • 1. It carries urine from the bladder out of the body when you pee.
  • 2. It ejects seminal fluid from the prostate gland, also known as ejaculation.

Vita Gra supports the second function: ejaculation

When everything works properly, ejaculation occurs in 3 steps:

  • 1. The man is sexually aroused.
  • 2. Penile erection occurs.
  • 3. The sexual stimulation leads to ejaculation.

It sounds very simple, but in many cases, step 2 doesn’t happen, which makes step 3 very difficult to occur or even impossible. Although the man is sexually stimulated, he can’t get an erection. To find out why this happens, we first have to understand how the process of penile erection occurs.


A photo of Doctor Stevenson who recommends this product for penile dysfunction – Vita Gra.

Sex and sexuality are very important for our health and wellbeing. The connection between our physical and emotional vitality is responsible for the quality of our sex life.

Studies have shown that healthy sex life is essential for men’s health. Physical wellbeing and emotional satisfaction, being the results of a healthy lifestyle, are very important for the right functioning of our cardiovascular and respiratory systems.


Different doctors and specialists have taken part in the development of Vita Gra. They have performed a full interdisciplinary analysis in order to create a completely safe product with 100% natural ingredients, which provides optimal results. After numerous researches and tests on men with penile dysfunction, the scientists have concluded that Vita Gra is a completely effective and safe product.

Vita Gra is a pant-based product, developed by a professional team, over many years. The purpose of Vita Gra – the best pills for penile dysfunction is to increase male potency in a completely natural way, without any risks for the overall health.


Natural Ingredients


Strong Erection


Efficient formula



Erection physiology

A diagram of an erected penis + a box of Vita Gra pills for a strong and long-lasting erection

During erection, the penis becomes larger and firmer, like a blown-up balloon.

When you want to move a part of your body, you use muscles. Your muscles are the organs that move your fingers, hands and feet. You use your muscles even when you stick your tongue out:

  • First you decide which part of your body you want to move.
  • Then, a neurological signal goes to your muscles.
  • And in the end, the desired part of your body moves.

An interesting fact is that no muscles take part in penile erection. In order to erect, the penis uses pressure. The easiest way to understand penile erection is to think of it as a balloon.

When there is no air in it, the balloon it is deflated. When you blow in the balloon it bloats and gets harder. It is similar with the penis, but instead of air it is filled with blood. In the penis are located two tubular structures, called corpora cavernosa, (separately: corpus cavernosum). Think of corpora cavernosa as of a balloon. The arteries fill these balloons with blood. Depending on the blood circulation, the penis can be in erection or deflated. A picture of a penis with details for every part of it.Изобразена е срязка на пенис в еректирало състояние и уточнения за всяка негова част

• When there is no penile erection, the arteries still deliver blood to the penis, but in smaller quantities.

• When a man is turned on, the arteries fill corpora cavernosa with a lot more blood, making it erect faster.

If the arteries inside of the penis don’t function properly, it is very hard for a penile erection to occur. That’s the reason for erectile dysfunction

In order to solve this problem, the arteries have to be treated carefully so they can function normally again. Let’s find out how this can be achieved and what the methods before Vita Gra were

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