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There are some questions that are of importance for all of the users of Vita Gra. Let’s see some of the most common questions and their answers.

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01. What is Vita Gra?
Vita Gra are male enhancement tablets which are suitable for erectile dysfunction, stimulate the erections and delay ejaculation time.
02. How does Vita Gra work?

Vita Gra supports natural male erection. Vita Gra stops the production of the chemical compound PDE5, which is responsible for the inability of a man to get an erection. Vita Gra stimulates the blood circulation into the penis, allowing erection to occur

03. After how much time I can see the results?

It takes only 30-50 minutes after consumption for Vita Gra to act. It is easy to use:

Take 1 or 2 capsules with water or other non-alcoholic drink for about 1 hour before intercourse

04. What does it contain?

Click here to read all about the ingredients and why does the product contain them.

05. Is the delivery discrete?

We guarantee 100% Discrete Delivery! Nobody but You will now what the package contains.

06. Are there any side effects?

Vita Gra is a food supplement, natural plant based product, which doesn’t contain any chemical ingredients and doesn’t have any side effects. Although it is not recommended for people with high blood pressure.

A box of the incredible male enhancement pills that boost the libido – Vita Gra.

Opinions about Vita Gra:

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07. Can women use Vita Gra?

Vita Gra is a product for male potency and is not clinically tested on women. Therefore, women cannot take Vita Gra.

08. When should I take Vita Gra?
Vita Gra is recommended for men with sexual or erectile dysfunction. Vita Gra is recommended for men who are not able to get an erection when sexually stimulated. The reasons for the inability to get an erection can be psychological or physiological, after the consumption of certain medicines.
09. Who is Vita Gra suitable for Vita Gra?
Vita Gra can be consumed by every man above 18 years old, who wants to have strong and long-lasting erections and be confident in bed. This product is also completely natural and can be consumed by people with heart problems.
10. What makes Vita Gra special?
Vita Gra is the only clinically tested product that is proven to have no side effects.
11. What to expect from Vita Gra?

Take one pill Vita Gra 15 minutes before sex and wait…

  1. Masive hard and strong erection
  2. A huge sexual arousal
  3. Long-lasting endurance
  4. Strong ejaculation
  5. Controlled erection lasting for 24 hours
12. Can I take Vita Gra with alcohol??
Everyone knows that alcohol is a major obstacle for erection, but there is no problem with Vita Gra. You can take Vita Gra with alcohol.
13. Can Vita Gra make my penis bigger?
Vita Gra makes the penis bigger during erection and that is why the large blood flow makes the penis look larger when you use Vita Gra.
14. Do I need a prescription for Vita Gra?
You don’t need a prescription to buy Vita Gra.
15. What is the recommended daily dose of Vita Gra?
One tablet a day is completely enough.
16. How can I contact you??
Please, use the contact form here.
17. How many pills are there in one box ?
Each box of Vita Gra contains 2 natural pills.
18. What are the payment methods ?
Paypal only
19. How long does delivery take?

The delivery usually takes only 4-5 work days after its confirmation, if your order today before 16:00 o clock, you will receive your order after 3 days during work hours. The delivery is free for boxes of 20 and 40 pills.

20. To which countries do you ship ?
We ship to all countries.