More and more men suffer from erection problems

Each year the number of men with frequent erection problems grows rapidly. Studies have shown that 152 million of men around the world suffer from erectile dysfunction.

What is erectile dysfunction?

dissapointed man with low erection that needs his erection pills to 'up his plane'.Erectile dysfunction is the state of inability to get and maintain an erection, sufficient in order to have a normal intercourse. Erectile dysfunction should not be confused with other problems like, for example, premature ejaculation, lack of orgasm and lack of sexual desire. This problem can occur in a number of different ways; the signs and the symptoms may suggest the reason for the problem.
In the last years, more and more men from different ages are looking for help. It turns out, that nowadays there is a big market for erection pills for men, which suggests that the number of men suffering from erectile dysfunction has grown.

Is this erection problem common?

Studies have shown that with increasing age, men start having more and more problems with erection. This condition is most common with men between the age of 40 and 70 years. In many cases, this problem occurs briefly and is considered normal. In other cases, it can be a permanent condition. With increasing age, more and more men start experiencing erectile dysfunction and loss of sexual desire, but this doesn’t mean that these problems are untreatable.

What are the reasons for this sexual problem?

animated man holding big arrow infront of his erect penis. Men from all around the world are experiencing erection problems. There are various reasons for this: sometimes it’s the age, sometimes it’s the health problems and in many cases it is just stress. There are two major reasons for impotence: physical problems and psychological problems. One of the most common causes for this problem are the psychological imbalances like: tiredness, stress, anxiety and relationship problems.

Are there other causes for erection problems?

It is determined that, different addictions can also lead to erection problems. They can be caused by excessive drinking and smoking, consumption of different drugs, like antidepressants. We came across a study, which suggests that smoking can also cause serious erection problems for men. The study involved nearly 2000 men, above the age of 18, of which 70% had erection problems at some point of their lives, 60% of them being smokers